With a plate so full of diverse tastes and spices, one might ask what Beth enjoys in her spare time. Says Beth: “With what little spare time I have I spend every possible minute in Antigua, snorkeling and catching lobsters. That is my own paradise.”
After years of acquired experience, Beth reunited with longtime-friend and co-worker from the past, Anthony Bourdain, through whom the “The Grill Bitch” came to life on the pages of his acclaimed novel-turned-television series Kitchen Confidential. Having built a relationship of trust and merit, Beth was asked to become Bourdain’s Executive Assistant, a title that evolved into her presence in production on his television show No Reservations. Beth is working for Anthony Bourdain as his executive assistant as well as a production assistant on his show No Reservations. Beth is currently producing Tee-Shirts with exclusive rights to Anthony’s logo and slogan.

Those who know Beth recognize that she is a natural entertainer, both in the kitchen, and at the table. Her personality, humor, and unadulterated wit are magnetic, if not hypnotic. Recent press in the New York Times featured Beth Aretsky once again, as the founder of a social club comprised of celebrity chef Executive Assistants. This swanky group of assistants meets monthly, to do what? Eat, drink, and be merry, of course.
Beth Aretsky, affectionately referred to as “The Grill Bitch” in the bestselling book Kitchen Confidential, is a 38-year-old native New Yorker. Having grown up in the family restaurant business, it was only natural for her to attend and graduate from The Culinary Institute of America, and to run the culinary gamut in a host of New York’s finest restaurants. Ms. Aretsky did her due diligence in multiple departments behind the scenes at 21 Club, Union Square Café, and numerous other eateries in New York City before she was primed for her own chef endeavors.
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